Scholarship to students who are interested in Hair Topic.

Umihair is pleased to offer a scholarship exclusively to students who are interested in hair topic and in need of financial aid for college tuition costs.

Umihair will help and improve your confidence.

Requirements and Eligibility

Those who are interested in receiving this award $5000 will be required to complete the application process, must interested in hair topic, and currently be enrolled in a college or university. The student can either be accepted, enrolled and awaiting classes to begin OR be enrolled and currently attending classes.

How to Application:

1. write a unique and descriptive essay with words of more than 800. Topics Example following:

  •  How to Make hair style/ stop hair loss
  • 10 Tricks for maintain hair/ choose hair extensions/ keep hair healthy
  • The trends of hair style2020/ hair color/ hair style
  • You need to know about xxx 
  • More Hair Topics are acceptable

2. Send your essay to email [email protected]

3. The article must be be original, unique and never be posted on other website.

4. Three Winners. The First will win $5000, The second $4000, The third $3000.

Deadline for entries

For those who would like to apply for the scholarships, the submission of your essay should be before 30 Aug 2020. scholarship will be proclaimed on 15th Sep 2020, we will send the winner an email to notice the result then.

Additional Information

All content and creative work submitted for the purposes of this scholarship may be re-posted or displayed online or any other media channels without notification.