It’s not a secret that highlights and ombre are certainly fun way to spice up your hair while balayage looks more natural and fashionable. Balayage is not a new word, but recently it is becoming the most popular factor in the hair coloring industry. The special character of the balayage is that it has the ability to make you stand out in the crowd, which means that you will not find two women with the same balayage color. So every balayage hair is unique.

Balayage is a freehand painting technique, usually focusing on the top layer of hair, resulting in a more natural and dimensional approach to highlighting. This article will introduce popular blonde balayage hair. It will inspire you for your next hair style color choice.

blonde balayage hair

1. Mid-Length Dark Blonde Balayage

Medium hair is trendy these days but it doesn’t mean that refreshments are no more necessary for this length. So, blonde balayage is surely one of the best hair coloring ideas to add a fresher touch to your locks. Always remember that balayage looks fantastic when paired with loose natural waves.

2. Long Blonde Balayage

As for long hair it gives us full freedom in hair color choices. So, let’s try this version of balayage on your long locks and style it into beach waves for the coming warm seasons. Depending on your natural hair color and skin tone, you can make your choice between the lightest ash blondes to the warmest golden shades. Try to keep the roots in your natural hue.

3. Mixed Blonde Balayage

Another long hairstyle again highlighted with balayage is the following style. It comes with several mixed shades of light and dark blondes, which are beautifully reflected on thick waves. Such an easy hairstyle is just on the thing for mixed balayage. If you are a big fan of sun-kissed hues, then go ahead with shiny blonde tones keeping them natural-looking with the technique of balayage.

4. Layered Balayage Hair

Look at this style. Doesn’t it look stunning? Well, we are used to tell that balayage is best reflected on wavy hairstyles, but super straight and sleek hairstyles tend to bring out all the beauty and freshness of this hair color. Whether loose or in a half-updo hairstyle, it showcases the tender difference between dark roots and lighter tips. As for layers, they help stylists create fresher looks.

Ash Blonde Balayage

5. Ash Blonde Balayage

Perhaps the lightest and most neutral shade of blonde is the natural-looking ash blonde. It has a great demand in salons because many more women prefer lightening up their locks in similar styles of granny hair. So, ash blonde balayage becomes their best choice. In order to keep it youthful and more fashionable, they opt for loose beach waves or bombshell curls.

Granny Balayage Hair

6. Granny Balayage Hair

We have already talked about the granny hair trend but here is its balayage version. In case, you want to look in your most natural way, try this version. It offers face framing light ash blonde style combined with your natural hair color.

Medium Buttery Balayage Hair

7. Medium Buttery Balayage Hair

Women with fair skin tones almost always look for warm hair colors to warm up their complexion. In your choice of blonde balayage you can go ahead with medium buttery tones. In this case, you’d better keep hair in mid-length to frame your face with bouncy waves.

8. Side Swept Balayage Hairstyle

Wow! This is probably my most favorite look from this triumph of balayage hairstyles. It is so lovely in its festive style. Side swept curls with balayage highlights, those dark roots and tenderly lightened tips are all you need for the upcoming festive event.

Short Balayage Bob

9. Short Balayage Bob

Do you like short haircuts? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Here is a cool inspiration for you. Don’t even think of your dull shade, because we have the solution for it too. Just ask your stylist for this cute balayage style and you are done with a brand new look.

Medium Layered Balayage

10. Medium Layered Balayage

When hair is too short the difference between dark roots and light tips is too sharp and eye-catching. But when you want to keep it well-balanced you opt for these mid-length layers.

Center-Parted Blonde Balayage

11. Center-Parted Blonde Balayage

Another well-balanced effect can be created on long and thick hair. In fact, professional hair colorists work the way so that the difference won’t be too eye-catching. So, the result is truly natural-looking and sophisticated. The center-parted hairstyles frames the face beautifully and allows the waves look neater.

Sun-Kissed Balayage

12. Sun-Kissed Balayage

The beach season is on the corner and we are getting prepared for our most beautiful looks. Hairstyles, in this case, play a great role. Sun-kissed balayage waves will allow you to showcase your true beauty and stand out on the beach with a trendier look. The roots are expected to be in a neutral tone of brown, while the tips should be in a light sun-kissed effect, which you can get with the help of light blonde shades.

13. Dirty Blonde Balayage

Many celebrities over 40 and 50 choose dirty blonde balayage in order to look youthful. This classic hair color idea helps them keep their style casual and fresh at the same time. They don’t need to refresh their hair color every week as balayage requires less care and tends to keep you look stylish.

Short Shaggy Balayage Hairstyle

14. Short Shaggy Balayage Hairstyle

Razor cuts are all you need to reach this result. Razor layers are the latest trend in hair styling and they always request soft hair colors like the following blonde balayage. Matching hairstyles are shaggy waves and natural styles.

Warm Blonde Balayage Lob

15. Warm Blonde Balayage Lob

Here you see thick lob haircut in warm blonde balayage. It is often chosen by brunettes who are tired of their natural dark hair color. They keep the roots in natural brown and lighten up the tips with light brown and warm blonde hair colors. The result is awesome when paired with thick waves.

Messy Balayage Hairstyle

16. Messy Balayage Hairstyle

If you want to bring out the beauty of your natural hairstyle, then focus on your hair color. Naturally messy waves will become more than attractive if you add balayage highlights allover.

17. Long Bob Balayage

The lighter your blonde shade the more careful you need to be in your choice of hairstyles as light hues require more care. In this case, you see a classic combination of voluminous long bob with light blonde balayage. The created result looks very harmonious.

Ashy Blonde Balayage

18. Ashy Blonde Balayage

Don’t ever be mistaken with ashy blonde and granny hair. Consult with a pro stylist to make sure you have chosen the right tone of ashy blonde for your natural hair. It will demand deep bleaching, so prepare your hair for that harsh process and take care afterwards.

Blonde Balayage Curls

19. Blonde Balayage Curls

Who doesn’t love natural curls? They are so girlish, gorgeous and attractive. Just add a pop of color and the result will amuse everyone around you. Natural curls become visually more voluminous in blonde balayage hair colors.

20. Sassy Balayage Waves

And the final hairstyle is these lovely balayage waves. You can create them with simple hair styling techniques and tools. The idea is to keep it natural.