Caucasian people see wigs as an accessory, while people of African descent, they are rather a necessity. The worldwide import and export statistics for the wig and extensions industry indicates that among the numerous countries that participate in this industry and trade, South Africa ranks third with the exporting market accounting for 7.39%, the top two countries are the United States and Benin. In Africa, the consumer base for wigs and extensions has been expanding every year, and naturally, frequent customers are looking to get the most for the money with low-priced products of high quality that will receive quickly. To get an idea of how much selling potential this industry has, consider the fact that human hair wigs generally need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months, synthetic wigs need to be replaced even more frequently (ideally, once a month). Combine this with the fact that every person who wears wigs on the regular owns about three to five on a steady basis, and depending on the kind of hair these wigs are made of, they will need to be replaced at the very least two times a year, and possibly even much more frequently. With these numbers, it is easy to see how much market potential lies in this industry.

Some relevant and useful information points:

  • The majority of wig wholesalers started in their trade because it is something they are passionate about, as many of them actually wear wigs themselves. This is a relevant factor, as it ensures that wholesalers in the industry have high repurchase rates.
  • Most purchasers of wigs are women of African descent, which is understandable why 90% of wigs sold are natural/black in color. Wigs with different colors/unnatural tones are most usually made out of synthetic material, while natural – colored wigs are generally made with real human hair, with black being the most popular choice among consumers.
  • The most popular kind of wigs is made with 100% real human hair rather than synthetic or partly synthetic material.
  • Wigs made out of synthetic material ideally should be replaced with one month, while human hair wigs are much more durable, lasting between six to twelve months, and every person who regularly wears wigs owns about three to five at a time.
  • The top three most important purchasing factors for wigs are price, quality, and practicality.
  • The main things potential buyers pay attention to when selecting where to purchase their wigs from is detailed descriptions about the length, material, texture, style, etc., as well as clear and diverse photos.

If you are interested in beginning to do business in the wig industry, you first need to know your customers and get acquainted with your target group. In the wig industry, this can be divided into three basic groups: high, medium, and low. The high- end market is for the virgin hair lace wigs, the medium- end market is for human hair lace wigs, and the low- end market mainly consists of wigs of synthetic material. The wig requirements of Caucasians are particularly strict; in the United States market, they generally prefer a wavy texture. Conversely, consumers of African descent prefer wigs with Yaki or kinky textures, as this looks and feels more natural for them.

Starting up and maintaining a successful wig business does not have consumed all of your time and energy – you can easily do it part time or full time, depending on what you are prepared and prefer to handle. There is a huge online consumer base for this market, and with the Internet, digital marketing and finding customers is easy, through blogs, videos, various social media platforms, and websites. Apart from this, since the customer base is so big, you can also easily get business by word of mouth. If you know people who wear wigs or extensions, tell them about your business, and they will turn to you when they need them, and they will spread the word when you fulfill their needs.

When selecting a good business partner to take on your drop- ship service, Umihair is the perfect place to look. The company has around 1,000 pieces of natural, black, full- lace wigs, as well as about lace- front wigs. We can make items to custom order with regard to style and length within 2 to 4 days, and we provide worldwide shipping in cooperation with UPS, DHL, FedEx, and China Post.

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