For the human hair extensions,different hair extensions suppliers have different classification methods. There is no uniform standard, which makes hair business confused for long time. Many new hair extensions wholesaler or distributors are always confused to ask why the price is so much different from different hair providers.Most likely, their offers are based on different grades of hair extensions.

In Umihair, We have three levels of hair extensions, Virgin Hair , Remy hair and Human hair.

Virgin Hair With Cuticle Aligned

Virgin Hair

Virgin hair are collected from donor directly, this also request the donor’s hair are healthy and natural.

The healthy hair are with cuticle retain, the cuticles are layers of scales that make up the outer shaft of each individual strand of hair. On a strand of cuticle hair, the scales are facing downwards towards the end of the strand. They will refract more light, so the hair will be bright and attractive.

The hair are not be chemical treatment during the whole processing to hair extensions. The cuticle layer is the important protecting layer for hair, make it lasting much longer than the hair without cutical layer.

The virgin hair are also the most expensive hair you can buy. So for hair business, If positioning the high-end market the virgin hair extension is highly recommend.

Remy Hair

Remy hair is the high quality part selected from Human hair, most of the hair are with cuticle aligned but not 100%, slightly chemical processing is necessary for them, this make the hair silky and tangle free.

The remy hair can be dyed to 613 platinum blonde, if you need ligher color,the virgin hair is needed.

This kind of remy hair is the medium quality hair, if you positioning medium grade market, this kind of hair are suitable.

Human Hair (Non-remy hair)

Human hair has not been mixed with synthetic hair or animal hair, this kind of human hair means non-remy hair. For the human hair has been chemically processed and most of cuticle has been stripped off. It will not last as long as 100% virgin or Remy hair.If you positioning low market, recommend this kind of hair.

Ratio of Long Hair to Short Hair

Another important factor is the ratio of long hair to short hair, which affects the price much. As we know the price of long hair is much higher than short hair, hair company can adjust the hair length ratio to change the cost. There is no standard for this, many customers confuse it too much, umihair provide our own standard to classify different ratio of hair extensions.

The data C1/C2 shows hair tip volume, which affect price much.
Volume on the TipLow VolumeMedium VolumeHigh Volume
Market PositioningLowerMediumTop & Luxury

Check the picture which shows our own standard on hair extensions. We get the data from C1/C2, The data is usually between 30%-45%, it is easy to understand the data is bigger the long hair is more. Normally 30%-35% is called single drawn, 40%-45% is called double drawn.

Whether to choose single drawn or double drawn depend on your market positioning, Umihair accepts customized order according to your request.

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