If you make the step to invest in clip in hair extensions, it is essential that you know how to care for and maintain it properly in order to make sure that you maximize your hair extensions useful life and keep it looking beautiful and brand new every time you wear it for years to come. Not caring properly for your hair will substantially shorten its useful life and will leave it looking dull and unkempt when you are wearing it. Before going through the actual process of caring for your hair extensions, it is imperative that you know that the care and maintenance methods for human hair and synthetic are not one in the same, which is why it is very important that you are 100% sure of what kind of material your hair extension made of (namely if it is real human hair or synthetic material).

1. Do not expose your hair extension to high temperatures

Naturally, human hair extensions are made with the same hair that is on your head, and it is well known that too much heat exposure on your hair can be very damaging in terms of dehydration and fragility. Just like with your natural hair, avoid frequently using heat products such as flat irons, hair dryers, or curling irons, as these can dry the hair out and make it lose its shine, as well as make it more prone to breakage and frizz. If you do need to use a heating appliance on your hair extensions, make sure that the temperature does not go above 350 degrees Fahrenheit in order to keep it looking and feeling healthy and moisturized.

2. Use the correct hair- specific shampoo and conditioner

There are actually special shampoos and conditioners that are specifically made for human hair extension, so make sure you buy the right product instead of washing your hair extension with your regular shampoo and conditioner that you use on your own hair. Some of the chemicals used in regular shampoo or conditioner can be quite harsh, which is why it is important that you use cleaning products specifically intended for hair cleansing and maintenance. One product we recommend is KUI’s Kuicare Tea Tree & Cinnamon Shampoo & Conditioner, which you can get in 500 ml bottles.

3. Stay away from hair spray, gel, mousse, and similar styling products

Styling products can make your hair extension oily, greasy, and prone to tangles, making it look messy and unkempt. For this reason, do not use styling products such as hairspray, hair gel, mouse, wax, grease, etc. on your hair in order to keep it looking beautiful and feeling healthy. However, a good alternative is to can use non-oily spray- in or leave- in conditioner every day. Just spritz it on your hair a few minutes before putting it on, and you will get a silky, shiny and bright look. Aside from that, this product can also prevent static and frizz and keep your hair hydrated, making it look and feel like you just had your natural hair done at the salon.

4. Combing your hair extensions.

It is important that you do not comb through your hair immediately after washing it while it is still damp; wait to comb through it until after it has completely air dried naturally. Make sure to only use a wide- tooth comb on it. We recommend steel or other metal combs as opposed to plastic, as the latter can actually be damaging by causing tangles and snags. Always start combing from the roots at the top and go gently all the way down to the ends, as this poses less risk for hair strands breaking off or shedding.

The wide steel comb can be used for wigs and hair extensions.

If you have a curly textured hair, do not comb the hair too often, as these kinds of hair are more prone to frizz when brushing. Use your fingers to freshen it up and make it look nice again after taking it off. If you have long hair, instead of going straight from the top to the bottom with the comb in one stroke, start from the top from the bottom working in sections. Notice that you will have to go through the same strand of hair a few times in order to get tangles out without damaging or breaking; make sure not to pull too hard or force through stubborn tangles, as this can lead to breakage! Patience and gentleness is key when combing your long hair.

5. Do not sleep or shower with hair extensions

Do not sleep with your hair extensions on, as this can cause damage, breakage, and tangling due to friction from moving around while sleeping. Also, while it is always good to keep your it clean, make sure to never wear it in the shower! If you want to clean it, follow the above instructions for shampooing and conditioning with the appropriate, hair extension- specific products and techniques.

6. Hair tangling or shedding

If your extension is tangled up after long- term use, do not pull the hair or force through stubborn knots; spray some specially made, non-oily conditioner meant for hair use and comb it with a wide- tooth comb or your fingers, slowly and gently working from the top to the ends. Keep in mind that slight shedding or strands breaking off is normal, just like when brushing your natural hair, so if you see this, do not panic!

7.Hair storage

When you are not wearing it, store it in the original packaging. When you are ready to take it out and wear it again, gently shake it out and the locks will fall into place as they were when you originally unpacked it as long as you have been taking care of it properly.

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