The beauty of black hair is that it is about as versatile as it comes. Women of color are blessed with a variety of textures of curls, kinks, and waves that are able to formed into all types of beautiful and creative styles that women with other hair textures have difficulty achieving. Here you will find photos of some of the most popular hairstyles that black women are sporting today in both natural and treated texture form, providing inspiration and insight for some new creative looks if you are looking to change up your style.

1. This first style shows off the two best-known features and styles of black hair: curls and braids! These creatively layered and asymmetrical tight braids flow seamlessly into a soft, touseled mountain of curls, emanating structure and carefreeness at the same time.

2. This is a classic look for a women who knows what she is doing and can command the room. A very short, angled bob combined with rounded bangs that perfectly frame the face give you a look of a chic businesswoman who can still emanate high fashion.

3. This sleek, straight, silky style works anytime and anywhere and is a timeless look that goes with any character and mood. Simply yet sleek, the angled long bob that just brushes the collarbones in the front is completed with long, one-sided angles that frame your face with a side part for a flirty yet sophisticated look.

4. This is a perfect exhibition of your classic Afro-texture style with natural, coily curls. Simple as it may be, a beaded headband in some fun colors that compliment your skin tone give extra volume and features your face without being overpowering.

5. Here is another lovely example of some classic, tight, natural Afro curls. Letting it go free on the sides and in the back at a length that is just above the shoulders gives lovely, full, rounded volume, and securing just a bit at the top that is forehead-width still lets that volume through while keeping it more casual.

6. The soft, natural, wavy curls give a soft Afro-look with a little extra fashion. The way the curls cascade down from the forehead with an asymmetrical part frame the face in a stylish way that exudes confidence, and the length going just below the ears accentuates the eyes and makes them the focus point of your face.

7. This is a fun look for short hair that is great for nights out. The short pixie cut combined with the extra volume on the top is a fun look that will make you stand out in a crowd. Tousling it into an asymmetrical form and letting a little drape over onto your forehead gives a focal balance between your eyes and your ‘do.

8. This short length and big curls give you a classic look that women have been flawlessly pulling off for decades, and it never goes out of style. The fun length and loose, wide curls are great for faces with defined features, especially combined with the long, one-sided angled bangs and side part to accentuate your eyes and cheekbones.

9. This look accomplishes that very difficult – to – achieve combination of great volume and perfect straightness with a short, rounded cut with short layers throughout. The added far – side part and sweeping, long bangs that just fall across the eyes adds even more volume and is a bold statement. This is a short look that also works well for more round faces with less – defined features.

10. Similar to the pixie-inspired ‘do above, this short style goes one step further with a bit more length at the top and a bright pop of bold, platinum blonde color. The extra few inches on the top gives it a more relaxed look, still brushing slightly onto the forehead to bring the attention to your eyes while still sporting a hairstyle that can’t be ignored.

11. This is a classic example of a neat, symmetrical Afro with natural, tight curls. This look is very versatile and perfect for all situations. Its symmetrical, rounded shape and length that goes just below the neckline in the back make your face the center of attention. A few loose locks falling over your forehead on either side frame the face and add an extra element of carefreeness that is still suitable for formal settings.

12. This short look is another style that gives you volume and straightness at once with a fashionable style that is very versatile. The long side bangs loosely falling below your brow line keep the focus on your face while maintaining a smooth, sleek, professional look that looks effortless but highly fashionable at the same time.

13. This is a great look for black women who are getting newly acquainted with their natural hair or are long-term natural hair – wearers who love an effortless and timeless look. The short length combined with the twists give an element of fun, and an extra pop of color that compliments the skin tone is a way to liven up this simple yet fashionable style.

14. This short, angled bob with a deep side part exudes sexiness, confidence, and professionalism all in one. The ombre color with the dark roots underneath light blonde is a bold look, and the asymmetrical cut is a fashion statement that will keep all eyes on you.

15. This look combines a few different fun styles into one, and the result is a fun, sporty, professional, and casual look all at once, making it versatile and great in a variety of settings. The short bob length with an angled cut combined with the curved corn rows leading up to a messy half-up bun is the definition of creativity and high fashion.

16. This is another great look for black women transitioning into the world of natural hair or those who are already experienced and appreciate simplicity. The short length with the natural texture still gives an air of femininity that is difficult to pull off with other textures at this length.

17. This soft, breezy bundle of curls gives you carefreeness, flirtiness, and feminine beauty with its asymmetrical short cut. Having your locks loose and letting them do their own thing gives an air of fun and confidence.

18. This is a daring, bold, edgy look that radiates fashion. There are so many elements here: shaved on one side underneath with still a little bit of length, a cascade of long, sleek hair down the other side with a deep part leading all the way down to the jawline, and a length in the back that goes between these two extremes is the definition of high fashion and creativity.

19. These are your classic braids in a symmetrical, shoulder-length style. Letting them fall to the side with a deep part or securing them in a half-up style adds some more volume and fashion to this traditional, timeless, simple style.

20. This is a fun, sleek look that is both casual and formal, making it perfect for any scenario. The asymmetrical short cut and deep side part allow the hair to flow across your forehead for a breezy, carefree feeling, while the straightness in the back and ends that curl just under the ears also give you a businesswoman air.

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